• January 13Thursday, January 14th, 6 PM girls JV basketball home game v Rigby High School
  • January 13Thursday, January 14th, little girl's cheer clinic at Highland
  • January 13Thursday, January 14th, 6 PM girls freshman basketball home game v Rigby High School
Kaylee Moore
I am a dog person, I have three dogs, one is Tink she is named after TInkerbell the fairy because of my dad, my second dog is Chloe because my brother wanted to name her, my last and youngest dog is Remi because I told my mom and dad that I wanted a dog for christmas and I would name her remi and they got me a dog.

I am good with kids, I mostly all the kids I babysit for are nice to me and listen because I become friends with them, babies love me because when my family has a new born baby I go and take care of them and make them laugh, I play with them.

I had an extra finger, I was born the one extra finger, when I was 1 years old my parents decided to get rid of it because they thought I would get bullied, but everyone I meet think it cool.

Kaylee Moore, Reporter

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Kaylee Moore