• January 13Thursday, January 14th, 6 PM girls JV basketball home game v Rigby High School
  • January 13Thursday, January 14th, little girl's cheer clinic at Highland
  • January 13Thursday, January 14th, 6 PM girls freshman basketball home game v Rigby High School

2020-2021 Staff

Braxton Gregory

Editor in Chief

I'm a huge sports fan, favorite teams include the Brooklyn Nets,  The Denver Broncos, the Los Angeles Angels and I just love college Football in general. I love to listen to music my favorite artist is The Weeknd, keep the faith...

Kamri Honstetter


Hey Im Kamri, I have four siblings and eight animals. I enjoy longboarding with my friends and boyfriend when it warm and snowboarding when its cold. I also really enjoy fashion and designing clothes. I have four siblings and...

Tyler Spurgeon


Im Tyler. I mostly vibe with everyone. I like pineapples. I enjoy video games and I cant wait for Senior year.

Chris Yandle


My name is Chris Yandle. Some of the stuff I like to do for fun or just in my free time is. I like to crochet, do oragami, and play with my dogs.

Hazel Nunez


My names Hazel, Im 14 years old.  I have an older brother whos is 17.  One of my favorite hobbies is to play is basketball.

Eryn Wright


Hi my name is Eryn Wright, I'm 17 years old, 11th grade. I have lived in Pocatello for almost two years and a half.  I have had a love for controversial ideas and debates my whole life.

Trysten McCurdy


My name is Trysten McCurdy I like many things like video games but, the better things that I like are sketching I sketch things from video games like Among Us, playing guitar my guitar is acoustic electric I'm not that good yet...

Trenton Hopkins


Hello, I'm Trent Hopkins. Things I like to do are hunt, dirt bike, play games, and hang with friends. I'm from Idaho I'm 15 and go to highland high school.

Hailey Bennett


Hi I am Hailey Bennett, I enjoy playing video games. I like spending time with my pets and my friends. I go camping and kayaking a-lot. I spend a lot of time in the outdoors.

Brody Chandler


I have two dogs and two cats, they are crazy and love attention. I like video games, personally I'm an Xbox guy. I am learning the guitar, I don't know a lot of songs, I do know a few chords though.  My favorite color is blue,...

Jamaal Bell


I'm Jamaal a few things about me are.I play a lot of video games and i'm good at them also I don't do good at school. I like to workout and hang with the boys.

Link Ritter


I like to draw all the time and any chance I get and something else I really like doing is longboarding. And I also like hanging out with friends playing video games a lot and just having a good vibe.

Jenna Riley


Hey! I am Jenna Riley. I love playing volleyball and love my friends with my whole heart and soul. I like to think I am funny, but maybe I just try to hard. I love sweets. I could eat ice cream, snow cones, or pop all day! Plus,...

Kaylee Moore


I am a dog person, I have three dogs, one is Tink she is named after TInkerbell the fairy because of my dad, my second dog is Chloe because my brother wanted to name her, my last and youngest dog is Remi because I told my mom...

Abbie Summers


I am a very active person and I love being outdoors, I would choose being camping of hiking over going to the mall with friends, I like to keep myself busy and I am a very bubbly talkative person once you get to know me. I have...

Riley Tibbs


I am a very happy go lucky person, I love helping people especially if there feeling down. I'm a huge animal person anything i can do to help a animal I will do I love them. I have two labs a chocolate and a silver, the silver...

Kamryn Mendez


I'm a junior at Highland High School. I like playing baseball and basketball, football too. A place i like going to, is Fort Hall.

Quanesha Williams


When I turned two years old my younger sister was born. My mom was not able to take care of the both of us at the time. We were both put into foster care. In the first home we were in, the family immediately fell in love with...

Elise Wood


I'm a freshman at Highland. I love to dance, play piano, and play french horn. I also love to read and write.

Trevor McCarthy


I like dinosaurs. I have a dog. I like to be around my friends.

Josh Parris


I'm Josh, I play guitar, bass, piano, and I sing. I create music. Write. Spend my time among vagabonds and misfits. ΛΩδ...

Aidan Merrill


My name is Aidan Merrill. I'm a freshman here at Highland and I'm excited to be apart of journalism.

Tyson Edwards


I am a private individual.

Ashley Bigelow


Hey I’m Ashley. I like sports, I play basketball and I love watching basically any sport. My favorite place to visit is Arizona. I'm excited to be a part of journalism this year. 

Nina Kaiyou


Mercedes Frey


 I am a freshman at highland high school. I love to hang out with friends and family. I play volleyball but not for the high school team. I love peace/arizona tea. I am 14 turning 15 on January 2nd....

Kennedy Bailey


Hello! My name is Kennedy Bailey, and I am a reporter for HHS. Some of my hobbies include cooking, hiking, and drawing. I am currently a freshman at HHS and doing the best that I can in our country's Corona situation....

Kenadi Austin


My name is Kenadi Austin, I am one of 5 kids. I am always up for an adventure and love to try new things. I’m a pretty outgoing person when I choose to be, and there is nothing I love more than to travel. ...

Katelyn Atkinson


I always enjoy going to my cousins house and playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl with them. I love going camping with my family and being out in nature. I enjoy doing arts and crafts, especially with my cousins. I like to hangout w...

Jessey Gray


I joined beginning Journalism because I love to write, I like to learn new things, and I wanted to be more involved with writing. I've always been pretty good at writing, I've always been good  at English too. I like to write...

Dannis Adamson


I like to ride my mountain bike and swim. I also enjoy visiting different places.

Brynn Hillary


I love all things involving music. Some of my hobbies are reading, playing my ukulele and running. I have lived in Pocatello all my life and I have three dogs, their names are Leanie, Storm and Leroy. I have one younger sibli...

Brynlee Fehringer


My name is Brynlee Fehringer and I love my friends and family. I have 3 dogs and a fish. I am excited to be partaking in journalism this fall. 

Ayva Krosch


My name is Ayva. I am a student at Highland high school. I play soccer for the Highland JV A team.

Audrey Herron


Hi! I'm Audrey and I'm a freshman at Highland High School. I love to read, laugh, watch movies, and play sports. I enjoy writing and I'm excited to be able to write for the Highland Rampage.

Ashley Abram


 I am a freshman at Highland Highschool and I turned 15 on August 31. I don’t want to have a boring desk job all my life, I want to travel the world and meet new people. I love taking pictures and want to get better at it th...

Alyssa Funk


I'm a freshman at Highland, I like to read and listen to music. I have a dog named Tasia who is my baby.

Breanna Silvas

Clubs Editor

Hi my name is Breanna and im a senior at Highland High School. Some things i like to do in my free time is to color, go to the park with my siblings and to bake, I also like to go boating. I grew up in Pocatello and Twin Falls...

Ruby Kloh


A complete chaotic mess, but making it work. I am a poet, sort of, I enjoy writing poetry. I have two pet rats, and a little sister, so I have a lot of patience. My favorite musician is David Bowie, Queen is a close second. My...

Cameron Fernau


I love to play basketball and longboard. I've lived in Pocatello my whole life, and I'm very proud to be working for Journalism at Highland High School.

Elizabeth Leishman


My name is Elizabeth but everyone has called me El for ever, so no, I did not start calling myself El because I saw Stranger Things and wanted to be eleven, and it is spelled El. I love to express myself through art, like dance an...

Shyanne Strength

Events Editor and Photojournalist

I have two little brothers, and I love them very much. I am the person I am because of my close friends, who I am so very grateful for.

Faith Duncan


I am a Junior that enjoys photography. I am also a yearbook and newspaper editor.

Gideon Hauser


My full name is Gideon Thomas Hauser. I was raised 11 years in Wisconsin and 2 in Iowa. I am a 14-year-old freshman. My favorite things are Supernatural (the show), Costa Vida, Spider-Man, nature and D&D.

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