2018-2019 Staff

Sarah Bounmixay

Editor in Chief

This will be Sarah's third year on the Rampage staff and her second year as Editor. Sarah has a love of the news, particularly international stories. She is also an artist and has put her hand to editorial cartooning in the past....

Savannah Hirsch


Savannah Hirsch's hobbies include running in cross country and making jewelry. She also enjoys being outside and hiking.

Jordan Iverson


Jordan Iverson loves to travel, explore the outdoors, and is always ready to have a good time.

Ashlee Smith


Ashlee Smith wants to be a navy seal when she grows up. She had a rough life, losing a few loved ones. She is also diabetic with type two diabetes.

Thomas Siavashi


Thomas Siavashi loves to wrestle and spend his time on social media.

Cameron Norton


Cameron Norton was born in Pocatello and moved away. The only reason he is back in his birth town is because his parents love hiking so much. He is a blacksmith and enjoys making rings.

Kimberly Miller


Kimberly Miller's favorite hobby is volley ball. She has also won first place with an Education Award and earned first place in a swimming contest.

Jordan Mayo


Jordan Mayo, pronounced like the sauce, is a brand new freshman at Highland. She enjoys long walks on the beach and watching paint dry. Even though she cries herself to sleep at night she is still living for the best life. A quirky...

Ruby Kloh


Ruby Kloh is originally from San Diego, California. She attended Roosevelt 1B Middle School where she became the eighth grade president of Mecha. She also was the sixth grade VP of Chavistas and writer in the Roosevelt Rough Writers....

Esmeralda Herrera-Avalos


Esmeralda loves to draw on her free time. She barely gets enough sleep and screams a lot.

Wyatt Hancock


Some of Wyatt Hancock's hobbies are snowboarding, playing video games, and building computers.

Kayt Godfrey


Kayt Godfrey likes to snow ski, wake surf, and dance. She's won multiple dance awards throughout her life.

Sophie Gagnon


Sophie Gagnon's enjoyable hobbies are drawing and reading. She loves listening to music to boost her spirits. Also she is entertained by her current favorite show "Gotham".

Dalton Derie


He loves to try new foods and his spirit animal is the whale. His classmates describe him as friendly and having character.

Hannah Allen


Hannah Allen was adopted into a loving family and dreams to be a teacher in the future.

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