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2019-2020 Staff

Sarah Bounmixay

Editor in Chief

This will be Sarah's fourth year on the Rampage staff and her second year as Editor. Sarah has a love of the news, particularly international stories. She is also an artist and has put her hand to editorial cartooning in the past....

Alexis Williams


As of right now, I am a sophomore at Highland High School. Some activities I enjoy doing are drawing, painting, writing, and playing on the flute. I am also in the Highland marching band....

Kira Venra


Hello, I do things here sometimes. I'm very much a jokester so expect a bunch of terrible puns. And in other notes, uhhhhhh beesechurger chimken numget. Okay, for real, have a good day my gamers....

Isa VanPelt


Hey, my name is Isa VanPelt! I am in my freshman year and taking begin to journalism. I want to be something involving the medical field, I find it very interesting.  ...

Marissa Soto


As I was a child growing up I have moved around a lot. There were a lot of risks doing so like losing friend, but I have my forever friend Taija Delacour. She is always by my side. As a child who moves around a lot, I lik...

Kaden Simmons


I like games, tennis, and hanging out with my buds. I have to be the best at everything I do. But in the end I just like to chill....

Jayden Richardson


I am Jayden Richardson and I am a Sophomore at Highland High School. I like to travel and I like to try new things. I am from Sacramento, California....

Caleb Ramsey


I have lived in Idaho my whole life. I like to sleep. I have two brothers and one sister....

Ashlynn Peterson


I am from St.Anthony, Idaho and moved here in 2012. I love to do my makeup all the time. I love to play Softball. Add me on snap @ashlynnbugbug Follow me on insta Ashlynn___queen  ...

Emmalynn Packard


I was born and raised in Pocatello. My favorite hobby is reading. I am also a dancer....

Raegan Overdorf


I grew up in Pocatello. Some of my interests include: painting, drawing, gaming and singing. Music is one of my favorite things in this world....

Hunter Merzlock


Born in Pocatello . That’s all.  

Lilly Merrill


I'm Lilly Merrill and I'm a Freshman. I like to play the piano and listen to music. I'm super excited to be writing for the Highland Newspaper....

Myra Kahn


My name is Myra Khan. I like to sketch and paint. I also love to hang out with my friends and do fun stuff....

Kathryn Andreson


I was born in California but moved to Japan when I was 5 months old. I moved to Boise when I was 4 years old. When I moved to Pocatello I was 5 years old. I love to draw and often spend my free time painting. My favorite things...

Elijah Keen


I am a Highland Junior. I enjoy skateboarding, reading, music, movies. I am a professional at Lord Of The Rings trivia....

June Johnson


Hello! I am June Johnson. I am a sophomore, and I am excited to be working on Highland's newspaper. I love music, and I enjoy playing my violin. I love to travel, and Disneyland is my happy place. I enjoy acting and have ...

Cortnie Hulse


Hello! My name is Cortnie Hulse! I am a flute player in band and I love music! Some things I often listen to are The Piano Guys and Imagine Dragons. I also love to write fictional stories and I'm excited to be working on H...

Gideon Hauser


My full name is Gideon Thomas Hauser. I was raised 11 years in Wisconsin and 2 in Iowa. I am a 14-year-old freshman. My favorite things are Supernatural (the show), Costa Vida, Spider-Man, nature and D&D....

Kiana Grover


I move a lot and come from a big family. Some of my hobbies are reading and playing board games.  ...

Shelton Germain


My name is Shelton Germain. I was born in Pocatello. I like dogs and all other sorts of animals. and I like hanging out with family and friends in my free time....

Maria Fuentes


Hi, I am Maria Fuentes and I’m a senior here at Highland High school. My hobbies are singing and photography. When I am older I want to become a veterinarian...

Ethan Dowding


I like hunting, hiking. I grew up in Idaho and I like to spend my time in salmon. I like to play paintball with friends. I like to ride my motorcycle.  ...

Taija Delacour


I love watching SPONGEBOB! Marissa Soto is my best friend so do not try replacing her because that will never happen. I love food. I am tired....

Jaylee Crum


Hello darkness my old friend. It’s a sketchy life man. Be a Humblebee. I’m a sophomore  at Highland High school!! I like them Per-taters...

Braylon Carson


Hello My Name is Braylon Carson. I am a Lifelong sports fan and I always will be. I was born and raised in Idaho and I have been in 5 different states....

Cadence Andrus


Cadence is from Sacramento, California and has a passion for public speaking. She is on the Speech and Debate team at Highland High School and enjoys reading, writing, and baking. She has been published in the Grannie Annie Fami...

Savannah Hirsch


Savannah Hirsch is a senior in her 2nd year of Journalism and currently the editor of Rampage and has experience working Ram TV.  Hobbies include painting and hiking.

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