Cheer can’t hide their pride

Varsity cheer team made it to state after battling back with the covid setback.


Highland High School cheerleaders pose for a picture at state competition.

Hope Garza and Jade Miller

Our Highland cheer team made it to state in Boise on Friday, March 19th to compete with the surrounding schools after over a year of hard work and determination. 

“We started practicing in the summer of 2020 with much training,” Braelynn Welch tells us. 

After practice on Thursday, the team left for state to perform. 

“We have high hopes that the girls will win state this year; they have all worked so hard,” said Tricia Harvala, the mom of a cheerleader.  

Since the girls won, which no one is doubted they could, they made this their 3rd year coming back strong since their loss in 2017.

“When covid hit, it was hard trying to figure out how to have cheer, but we figured out something that worked for us,” Harvala says.

While at different times in the year they did have to take breaks, they came back stronger than ever. “We started practices in summer and have worked hard every week since,” says Welch.

Everyone has done their best to do their part and commit to the team. “The coaches did their best to make sure that everyone is safe and healthy while still keeping the cheer team up and running,” Welch says.

Now look, we got a win at state!!!

“All team members are going to Boise to watch and show support, but only varsity is competing,” Welch tells us. 

Showing support to their friends and teammates is very important, especially because you see how much time and effort is put into these performances. 

“Waking up early is not the funnest thing for me to do, but when we have all worked so hard it seemed so easy,” Welch says.

After a long ride, the girls arrived in Boise, Idaho at 11:00 pm and woke up early the next morning. “I know my team and I cannot wait to watch our best friends compete,” Welch states.

Once all the cheerleaders wake up, they have to spend hours getting ready, doing their hair and bright lipstick. 

“Our nerves were all over the place, we wanted our girls to do good. We always get anxious when we have to prepare to perform in front of lots of people, and when there’s so much on the line,” Welch tells us. 

After a long day spent at state competition, the girls came back to school with a win! 

“Seeing first hand all the hard work that has been put into these routines and seeing varsity win was such a real moment for me and I can’t even imagine them,” Welch tells us.