GSA creates a safer place at Highland

Gender Sexuality Alliance is a club that supports lgbtq+ students in Mrs. Holsten’s room.


Jamie Rosloniec

GSA members pose for a photo in Holsten’s classroom

Sarah Rudolph and Jamie Rosloniec

The committee of GSA is supporting students everyday at lunch in room B19 to give a safe space by making people feel accepted.

Salem Owens, who is a junior at Highland High School, and president of GSA states that the purpose is to provide a community or safe environment for LGBTQ+ folk at highland.  

“We do fun activities, giving info about the community or just talking about what’s going on in the community,” Owens states.

“The purpose of GSA is to create a place for students who are interested in gender and sexuality issues to discuss, research, and participate together to learn more, create bonds and feel secure,” Story Holsten says.

According to sophomore Sarah Remely, GSA is also a great place to hang out, do fun little activities or at least try to plan them. Following through with the plans is more difficult than expected.

We asked Owens, Holsten and Sarah what their favorite thing about GSA was.

“My favorite part is listening to the students interact, express their opinions, and help each other find their way in this complicated environment and time period,” Holsten states.

Remely says, “Seeing my friends and getting to know new people who occasionally come visit.”

Just like any other club, GSA is working hard when they meet. “Right now we are just getting everything situated, as COVID has put a bit of a limit on what we can do,” Owens informs. The hybrid schedule pushed GSA back, by splitting up the club, and no one was able to get on track with anything.

“We are working on creating a logo for the club to put on T-shirts and stickers,” Holsten says.  Along with working on t-shirts, stickers and posters, GSA also watches musicals at lunch.

Holsten states, “I think it is challenging for me, as the adviser, because it requires me to learn a lot about the students, the issues, and the best ways for me to help. It isn’t the type of club you just show up for; it requires heart, humbleness, and intelligence to succeed,” about how difficult GSA is.

To Owens, the club difficulty is at a zero.

Remely says that GSA is a freindly environment and is a place she enjoys being, adding that she recommends it “100 percent.”

To Owens, you don’t have to be lgbtq+ to join the club. Even if you just come and show your support, it means a lot. 

“I recommend GSA to every student,” Holsten says.