Photography is the new picture

Grab a camera ’cause it’s time to take in a new ‘picture’ of this club.


Rebecca Mayfield

The flyer for the photography club.

A new club has started as of February 9th and 10th for A & B days during hybrid. Mr. Benadom wants to help people with how to be better at photography.

Mr. Benadom posing for a picture near his classroom. (Rebecca Mayfield)

“It’s kind of my way of giving back to the community,” Benadom said about why he wanted to start this new club here at highland.

Mr. Benadom, who holds the club in room B17 from 4-5 on Tuesdays,  has learned how to utilize different types of photography, and how to edit them using different types of apps.

” I just hope to learn more about how to use my camera and things to take notice of when I’m taking photos,” Mrs. Smith, who teaches Biology and Forensics, stated.

The club is a place where people who are into photography or wanting to learn more about taking a better photo and editing it to make sure it looks better if it needs to be edited.

“I guess just capturing the moments,” Kyler Williams a student here at highland says about what he enjoys about photography.

Kyler Williams poses near his second hour class. (Rebecca Mayfield)


Lots of people enjoy the artisticness of photography and what makes photography and art something that people enjoy doing as Williams said.

Benadom said that photography allows him to show people pictures of things he likes and find other people who will like it and will buy the photo.

There are many upsides to photography, as well as downsides, but photography is a fun hobby or possible profession to get into.

“ I enjoy getting to be creative in a way that I’m normally not. I’m a science person, so normally I’m not very artistic and creative and this is an outlet for me to be able to do that,” Smith said.

Photography can take you places, and help you meet some interesting people as you go farther into photography.

“I feel like photography is just a really fun way to take in the world around you, and be able to keep those memories in a different way,” Smith stated as to why photography stood out to her as a hobby.

Mrs. Smith’s picture from the ‘Roaring 20’s’ year book.

Photography can stand out to almost anyone. These are the people who love to take pictures of things, people, landscapes, and more.

Williams says photography is something that if you take some time with your photos, it’s a big part when it comes to getting money for the photographs you take.

Getting paid for photos is something that is possible as Williams said if you take the time to make sure your photos are good, it could make others want to take and hang them somewhere.

Benadom, Smith, and Williams all said they would continue doing photography and taking pictures since they have cameras and enjoy taking photos.

Photography isn’t for everyone, but it doesn’t matter if you have a professional camera, a phone camera, or any other type of camera, photographs can be taken on anything.

Smith hopes to continue to get better with taking photos and as she does more stuff with her family, to make memories with them and photograph them in those moments.

If you have a camera or have some photos you want to edit, come down to B17 and join them in taking photos of things, people, the landscape around you, and any other thing that you can photograph.