Students donate blood

Key Club joins forces with Red Cross in order to provide blood for those in need.


Jaylean Thompson

A student in the process of donating blood for Red Cross.

Jaylean Thompson, Reporter

Key Club hosted a blood drive on Tuesday, March 9th in the lower gym at Highland High School in order for blood to be donated to Red Cross.

They do a blood drive at Highland High School twice a year, but only hosted once this school year due to Covid-19.

The donated blood goes to those in need. I talked with Raquel Frasure to see what the blood drive means to her.

The blood drive has always been important to her family and herself. They all donate regularly, and as much as they possibly can.

Once Fraure’s daughter landed in a life-or-death circumstance, it became even more important to them as they realized how important it is for everyone to get the transfusions they need.

Her daughter had a health condition that required her to have two blood transfusions in a week. Otherwise, she would’ve surely died.

Donating blood is giving something that Red Cross cannot receive in any other way. “You can’t buy it at Walmart, you can’t get it in a factory, the only way people can get blood is by donating,” states Frasure.

Frasure declared that the first time she gave blood, she soon regretted skipping breakfast after she passed out in the middle of the blood being drawn.

After that experience, she always remembers to eat before giving blood. She advises anyone who plans on donating to always drink plenty of water and eat beforehand.

Students who choose to donate learn to serve in a way they can continue for the rest of their lives as long as they’re healthy.

There is a lack of blood source due to Covid-19 and other health conditions going around the world, and people aren’t getting all of the blood they need to survive their harsh health conditions.

In order to donate, you need to be at least 16 years old with parent’s permission. If you want to be a consistent blood donor, you can always donate outside of the school’s drive.

However, if you are not comfortable with donating or if you do not think you have the proper capability to do so, you should never feel pressured to do so, especially if you do not have the proper health conditions to donate.

Donating blood is one way you can make a difference in someone’s life, and a way you could possibly save a life.