Introducing Emma Mulkay, a rising musical theatre star

An enthusiastic member of the Highland Ram Fam shares a bit about herself


Elena Winward

Emma Mulkay and Jacob Jensen pose for a picture in the hallway.

Shyanne Strength, Editor in Chief

Jacob Jensen and Nathan Woodland in the auditorium. (Elena Winward)

Emma Mulkay is a 16 year old sophomore here at Highland High School. She is a sweet girl who adores her friends and loves theatre. Mulkay loves the color yellow and has a personality that some would describe as being a ray of sunshine. 

She grew up here in Chubbuck but she’s, “from California, I’m Canadian,” she states and adds that “it’s complicated.”

Her favorite thing to do with her friends is “musical theatre ‘cause that’s where all” her friends are. Speaking of friends, Mulkay mentions that Jacob Jensen and Nathan Woodland are her two favorites right now, out of her guy friends. “I just know that I can always talk to them and it’s just good to have some friends in high school.”

Mulkay has loads of fun with her friends, “especially when we are driving home in the car he’ll play music and I’ll be like “You like this song too?!’”

She loves to sing other people’s lines from Les Mis because she’s constantly forgetting her own. Other extracurricular activities Mulkay participates in includes softball and FCCLA (Family, Community, and Career Leaders of America).

When asked about FCCLA, she said it is a great community with many loving people. “Everybody loves each other so it’s like, there’s no drama between any of us.”

Mulkay is very close with her two biological brothers, Tanner Mulkay (18), and Colter Mulkay (11) but doesn’t talk with her two step brothers. 

Upon being asked if she relates with other students in the Ram Fam Mulkay jokes around by saying “Absolutely not, no,” then responds further by saying she relates to everybody in theatre. “We all have like, common interests. So it’s like, it works. And we’re all weird.”

Viewing herself as a sort of “counselor,” Mulkay wants us to know that “if anybody needs to talk,” she’s always here. She helps people.