Student gov. What does it do?

Not many people know what goes on in student govt. so we’ve interviewed some of the people involved to tell you what exactly goes on.


Sarah Rudolph

The body of Student Government posing for a picture in C34, for Highland’s newspaper.

Jamie Rosloniec and Sarah Rudolph

Many people wonder what exactly it is that student government does. We got the answers to the question “what does student gov. do?” for you.

Mason Micklesen, a current member of Student Gov., states that the main goal of student gov. is to improve the school for the better of all the students.

“we affect the culture of the school,” says Mrs. Mitten.

They do this by having nature activities that involve the whole school and help it improve.

“…And also we’re about helping our community. So things like Make a Wish and stuff,” Kyler Williams, also a current member of student government states. Adding that they “raise money for it.”

Upon being asked how he got into student government, Micklesen states, “You run for student government through the election. You make a campaign, and all of that fun president stuff that you see on the news.” 

A banner showcasing the current Highland election.

Elections will be taking place this week for next year’s student government.

“In order to get into student gov. you have to run for a specific office,” says Ms. Mitten

“Last year, I had to sign up for junior class president and I was able to win and get in,” said Williams.

We asked what everyone’s thoughts on the election this year were, these were our results.

Micklesen states, “I hope that everyone that wants to run, runs, and the person who wins continues on the Highland legacy.”

“This whole year has been weird. We’re going to do it through a digital election again,” says Mrs. Mitten

Last year, Student Gov had more participation than last year because the election voting system was on Google Classroom, so everyone saw it. 

“There’s not as many kids as I thought there would be but I think it’s going to be really good with Owen and Wade going against Abby and Ramen,” explains Williams.

“It can be hard, but it is also a lot of fun,” states Micklesen upon being asked about the difficulty of student government.

“Some days we’re at a one, and some days we’re at ten. Depending on what we’re doing and what’s getting planned,” responds Mrs. Mitten.

Williams says, “It kinda depends on what part of the year you’re doing it. Probably like a five or a six.”

When asked what his favorite thing about student gov. was, “Trying to make the school a better place and be a part of the highland legacy,” stated Micklesen.

“It brings the whole school together, the only people who are not affected by it are people who refuse to participate and it gives opportunities to everybody, and I think that’s the best part.” contends Mrs. Mitten

Williams expresses “My favorite part is just socializing and being able to help out with my community and the school.”