Ski Trip Ends in Disaster

Fun mother-daughter ski trip soon took a turn once the the two were prepping to end their adventure.


Jorjas mother

Jorja Wilson having fun in the snow on a cold winters day!

Abandoned on a ski hill when she was 9, Jorja went skiing by herself for the first time after her mother left her at the top of the Pebble Creek Ski Hill.

Jorja and her mother were excited to go onĀ  a mother daughter ski trip. They were getting ready to pack up and go home when they decided to do one last run on the biggest hill – where it lead to disaster.

They went on the ski lift together and they thought it would only take 30 minutes to get to the bottom of the hill.

Once they got off the lift, her mother skied down thinking Jorja was right behind her. As Jorja was abandoned on the hill, she thought her mother was clueless.

Thinking she could do better than her abilities, Jorja started down the wrong ski hill, and went on a more advanced hill than she could do.

Jorja soon took off her skis out of panic and started trekking down the hill. Her phone died not too long before and she couldn’t call anyone for help.

She tripped, fell, rolled, and tumbled the entire way down the 2,200 feet ahead of her journey. She got face-fulls of snow powder.

Even though she was freezing, she was still sweating under her layered clothing.

“I didn’t know where I was or where I was going, all I thought was that I could’ve done better than what I was doing.”

For two hours she was walking down the most massive mountain that she has ever attempted to ski.

Once she got down the hill, she was covered in snow. Her legs were aching and she could barely move.

“It was traumatic for little fourth grade me” Jorja states.

Once she got to the lodge, she stood next to her mom. Once her mother noticed her, she exclaimed “Oh there you are!”.

They finally got into the car as Jorja was freezing, and her mother acted like nothing had happened.