Crazy Pet People Collect Animals

A family with more space than they can manage, fills their surroundings with pets.


Matthew Rudolph

Sarah’s first time duck hunting in the duck blind to get one for her dog.

Jamie Rosloniec and Sarah Rudolph

Just outside of Pocatello, there’s currently lots of space in the country to keep pets, so due to her family’s love of them, Sarah Rudolph has 17.

Sky, laying in the blind just before Sarah got the duck, to retrieve it by going out into the water. (Sarah Rudolph)

“Their personalities make them who they are, and it makes me love them more,” states Sarah.

The Rudolph family has 17 pets in total, made up of; 6 cats, 5 dogs, and 4 mules.

Sarah expresses that her cats are crazy, especially Lee and Rosco.

“Their favorite places are Dad’s grill, and they’re outdoor cats,” says Rudolph.

Moonshine is a frisky little cat.

“I’m worried about Moonshine because she is the only cat who won’t run away when the dogs chase her,” she discloses.

“All of the labs, look calmer than they actually are,” claims Rudolph.

Sky is unique, because she has a violet streak in her fur.

“My grandpa loves Sky so much that every time I see him, he offers two bits for her,” Rudolph states.

Even though she looks sweet, Sky will whack-a-mole with a stick to death.

“Tiger and Hope, the dogs that live in the house, are complete opposites. One thinks they’re a guard dog when he is, and the other thinks she’s a guard dog, when she’s just a fluffball.” expresses Sarah.

Tiger is a cross between an old english sheepdog and a border collie.

“Tiger is so loud, that I worry about the neighbors hearing him when he barks.”

Hope is a mini Australian Shepherd, with blue-grey in her coat.

“In my opinion, Hope is spoiled rotten. One time, my sister was studying, and Hope wanted in her room, she wouldn’t stop yapping until she let her in,” explains Rudolph.

Besides, Sarah’s dogs and cats, her family also owns four mules.

The favorite mule of Sarah’s is Fat Annie because she has a dog’s personality.

One of the mules, Jessie, lives at Sarah’s grandpa’s house because she hasn’t been introduced to the other mules yet.