The jam packed dance season starts with Hope

Two 13 hour dance days kick off the convention season.


Samantha Little

Hope Garza’s first dance photoshoot at the Stephens Performing Arts Center!

Long days of nonstop dancing at the age of 12, Hope Garza continued her dance season with a 2 day convention in salt lake city Utah.

“I like spending time in the studio but, they were really long days so by the time the day was done I was really over it.” Hope says.

The peak of the dance season was August -May so there was competitions almost every weekend

and practices after school till 10:00 pm.

Hope says she ” Hated” driving to utah but once she was there “it was a blast!”

Hope was on a few different teams at one time some competed some didn’t. she loved them all the same.

” I tried my best to spread God’s word through my dancing.” Hope told us.

Solo’s were performed a day earlier than the group performances so when Hope had a solo she would go to Utah a day early!

“Solos were not the most fun to learn but performing them was the best, it felt like you were the only person on earth!” Hope says she enjoyed her time on stage

Costume changes were a huge part of Hopes day, changes from costume to even hair and makeup!

Hope says that she “didn’t love” her jazz costumes because they were “one of the most itchy things ever!”

Her teams did a lot of quick changes during the days she would compete.

” hip hop costumes were probably my favorite because they were mostly sweats so they were super comfy.” Hope says she enjoyed the break from the sparkles at times.

Hope still has a majority of her costumes but some she felt it was time to give them a new and better life.

” my all time favorite type of dance is hip hop ” Hope told us.

Hopes brother D.J. danced hip hop his whole life and preformed at Highland many times. she was always around hip hop so it explains why it is her favorite.

” dance took up a ton of my life and I loved it that way.” Hope states.

once Hope reached a point in her life where she felt it was best to take a break and she did just that.

” I was just burnt out my love for dance will always be there in my heart” Hope says.

Hope left her dance studio when it felt right for her.

” I still love dance to this day I just don’t travel to compete after you do something for so long it gets overdoen for you.” says Hope

Hope love the tine she spent dancing and she says ” I will remember that time in my life with a smile on my face.”