The main enemy wrestlers truly faced was COVID

Wrestlers at Highland fought hard not to win the season but to beat COVID.


The Highland Rams wrestling team! Defeating several teams in the process of climbing to the top. Putting their blood sweat and tears into every match!

Trysten McCurdy and Trenton Hopkins

“We can win this!”

The team said this at the beginning of the season. They stuck with this and used it as inspiration throughout the year, anytime one of them felt like quitting or it was too much they would tell themselves or each other that they’re in this till the end! Highland wins big in the 2020 wrestling season winning 4 of the 5 matches they played.

The team was put through a lot of discipline with COVID going around it canceled a few games and practices but did that stop them from quitting no way they tried their best to keep pushing forward even if there was a pandemic but that was just another challenge for them.

Kael Cordingley the MVP with a score of 29-3 said that they were put into two quarantines in a row for the season and that they missed out on four games due to COVID, and twp people got injured during practice.

Cordingly also said that the player most feared by other teams was Logan George and the MVP in his opinion was Rustin. Even though COVID was going around they pushed through and fought COVID and they did an astounding and impressive job dealing with COVID.