Highland Cheer and Their Struggles Through Covid

Highland Cheers Little Victories Through Covid


Kamri Honstetter and Hailey Bennett

The biggest struggle in any sport lately is dealing with Covid. Besides worrying about keeping up in the sports players must keep up with things such as mask mandates, grades in hybrid, and being able to keep from spreading the virus while still doing games. This proved true on the cheer team who even through the Covid struggles still managed to win district cheer qualifying them for the state in March. They also won district Academic champs with a 3.8 GPA team average. 

For this article, we have interviewed Bryar Tucker who participates in freshman cheer.

¨Cheering through Covid was rough and something new we all had to get used to¨ Bryar tucker said.

Tucker also went on to say that ¨The games with masks were no fun. but she was still glad to do it.

Tucker’s biggest struggle in cheer this year was handling good grades. with the crazy schedule and then making time for practice and going over routines. This is hard for anyone in a sport especially while going through hybrid learning.

Tucker’s favorite competition was the Cupids, the cheer competition held at Highland for Valentine’s day. but she is also really excited about going to state.

As for scores, so far the JV cheer team won first in both pom and show. The varsity cheer team had first in the sideline, second in pom and stunt, then third in pom. Then the next competition JV won first in everything. varsity won first in sideline and show, second in stunt group and third in pom. 

Bryars favorite memory from cheer ¨ is from cheer camp this summer and all of the cheerleaders ate outside and just talked it was super fun and that’s how she got to know a lot of the girls that way¨.

Even as Covid reigns on the cheer team still manages to make it through it and have fun while doing so. Even Bryar said that she would definitely recommend more people signing up for cheer and it was one of the best decisions she has ever made.