Highland Girls Varsity Basketball: Skirmish to Victory

An interview with Lydia Maughan


Briley Anderson

Lydia Maughan walks with her parents Kellie & Todd Maughan on senior night.

Eryn Wright and Hazel Nunez

Fighting, prodding, tossing, and turning  back and forth. The girls varsity basketball team has really kept us all at the edge of our seat this season. With twenty-three overall games twelve wins and eleven losses, the team seems to be pushing past the pandemic and bring us back into the basketball grind we love so much.

As we interviewed Lydia Maughan, A varsity Basketball player at highland who scored about 114 points this season.
She explained to us how this season they had some ups and downs ¨Megan tore her ACL…¨ But, one off the best parts was no matter what time in the season the varsity basketball players of highland crush and annihilate poky.

She confides in us how her peak and her greatest victories this season has surrounded one school, Pocatello High School.

With only two games this season against PHS, they were both very memorable. First beating Poky 48 to 26 ,then following it up at the end of the season with 45 to 35 win.

However, this

season has been up and down every game either crushing or being crushed. Nonetheless, this team kept pushing to succeed, because that is what highland represents.

As their coach explained ¨Everyone was a real fighter this season, I can’t choose a Most Valuable Player…¨ Eventually with some prodding he said that they could have not been able to get through this season without Sadree Bell.

¨She is a strong player who always helps her team to succeed….¨

In conclusion even though this season has been a rollercoaster of emotions in the end, Highland (like always) gave all they had for there team and each other.