Humans Of Highland

Trenton Hopkins, reporter

What are your first impressions about them that make you think they’ll be interesting? My first impression of Treyson Berger is he is an underrated hard-working kid. He is very intelligent in any aspect of school. He also doesn’t care what people think about him.

His nickname seems obvious -Burger because same as his last name and when he was young he ate a whole bag of burgers in one sitting.

Berger has been in the same house since he was born along with most of his family. They plan on moving closer to Ellis School Because they have a lot of younger kids in the house at the moment.

For fun h plays videogames and he is starting his own business. He started a lawn mowing business that is doing quite well! He pays for almost everything he owns.

Berger’s favorite people to hang out with are Gavin Finley who he met while on a camping trip. They ended up meeting because they both were diving off the dock. Logan Ostler who he met on Xbox and later found out lives in Idaho as well and have met before they do “a lot of dumb things” when they hang out together. And Ana his girlfriend he’s been dating for a year they already have everything planned out and they hope to accomplish those goals in the future

Gavin Finley’s memory of Berger included the fact that “At camp, he nearly set his sleeping bag on fire till they got it put out with my Gatorade.” 

Logan Ostler remembered ”the time they stayed up for almost two days straight gaming.” 

Ana talked about the time they drifted his truck around the church parking lot .

One of the most interesting things about Berger is that he wanted to start a business at a young age. Most kids would rather be at home doing nothing but instead he wants to someday change the world for the better.