A Large Problem

The Obesity Epidemic


Kamri Honstetter, Reporter

 The problem we are facing in America is obesity. Obesity not only affects health it also affects the cost of living in America. With obesity comes many health problems such as heart failure, joint problems, and of course diabetes. What do you do to get to this point is buying into junk foods and giving up on exercise or just giving up on healthy living in general. Once you give up on trying to exercise, eat right, or just being a functional human being in general you give up on your weight and health. 

In America, this has been an increasingly well-known issue for the past few years. Billions of dollars are spent on dieting and food advertising instead of on nutrition education. This leaves America in crippling debt towards health issues. Another fact as to why this is an issue is that  Eighty percent of the world’s hungry children live in developed countries with food surpluses, such as America

In my personal opinion, I feel as though America is catering towards this obesity issue. They expand fast food places and make it normal to be overweight in the media. America encourages obesity by saying it’s something that you shouldn’t change because you were born this way. The problem is that once you hit a certain weight for your height you are not the way you were born you are just overweight and suffering health-wise, but social media and advertising seem to say otherwise.