Boys Basketball Morale

How the teams are going with Covid.


Briley Anderson

Players ready themselves for a chance to score. Player #4, senior Easton Durham, stands at bay, waiting for the ball.

Tyler Spurgeon and Chris Yandle

Boys Basketball this season has been a different one.

With Covid still present within the community, sports have been shifted.

Varsity ended this season with 5 wins and 15 losses.

This didn’t affect the team as much.

Some of the players even state that some records don’t matter, and playing the game is reward enough.

When asked about how practice and games have been going with Covid still present Kohen Tingey, Freshman Basketball Player, replied with, ¨Its good. Smooth I guess.¨

The Freshman team ended up having a season score of 8 wins and 6 losses.

¨Going ok. Better end of the season,¨ Ty Pearson, Basketball Coach, said.

With the absence of fans the team might be perceived as not having the hype for the game.

For the Freshman team Owen Wild was said to be the MPV of the season. He is said to be smart and quick on his feet. He has also been said to be lean on the floor as well.

So even with Covid still present, and some lack of fans. The teams are still functioning and enjoying the games.