How Covid 19 Is Affecting School

Trenton Hopkins, Reporter

How Covid is affecting schools in the United States. These schools are greatly affected due to the closure of the schools and different learning ways causing mass decreases in average GPA levels.

Dropping to about to a 2.5 GPA average across the United States. According to past research pf students working out of school, students will begin to fail 70% more due to students having a harder time understanding what work they’re learning.

Guidelines for schools during the covid 19 outbreak. Students must try to socially distance when changing classes Schools must also encourage others to not wear their mask properly and be safe when going through hallways or work areas.

Schools have also shut off their water fountains to avoid the spread of the disease.  Most Schools have also provided hand sanitizer throughout the school along with masks to also help avoid the spread of Covid.

Only some schools have had kids go on different days and or wear masks mostly the left principles while others on the right are taking no precautions and are just as healthy.

Are these precautions helping? Some say it does and others say it doesn’t.

There are some schools that normally have big flu seasons this time of year that have almost no flues this year. Whereas their covid rates are through the roof. This is why some schools have decided not to take any precautions.