The more you know on the people who run Highland

Getting to know assistant principal, Ms. Jena Wilcox


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Assistant Principal Jena Wilcox

Trysten McCurdy, Reporter

Knowing the people who run your school is important because if you get in trouble for something you didn’t do they would know that you’re innocent and when you get called down to the office you won’t afraid or intimidated by them. Most of the time you have to go to the Vice Principal’s office when you get called down so I’m going to talk about the Vice Principal.

Ms. Jena Wilcox wasn’t always a vice principal. She used to be young and have funny nicknames given to her by her family. Wilcox said her family called her Fluffy because her hair was really fluffy when she grew up and it just stuck with her for the rest of her life.

Ms. Wilcox’s husband’s name is Joe and he is 47. She describes him as a cranky, sassy redhead. Her son Jaxon is 15, he really likes sports and all he wants is to be by himself. Her son Jase is 13, a gamer, and very social.

Ms. Wilcox grew up in Firth on a Dairy farm until she turned 15, then she moved to Pocatello for college and has lived here ever since.

Growing up on a dairy farm provided unique experiences. They had a herd of Dairy cows they woke up, did some chores, went to school, got home and did some more chores, but then she would tie a sled to a tractor, helping with the births of most of the calves.

She loves to bake (the faculty can attest to her amazing cupcakes), cycle, and binge watch T.V.

Ms. Wilcox says her inner circle of friends includes her husband, her Mom, and all of her co-workers.  

Mr. Steve Morton, assistant principal said of Wilcox that “she is a phenomenal cook and that he knows that she is a Dr. Pepper fanatic as well so if one of us runs out we know that the other has a stash hiding somewhere.

Mr. Travis Bell, Assistant Principal and Athletic Director, said, “She always brings in treats for everyone including she even made some cupcakes for my daughters wedding, she is also really caring and treats here co-workers like family instead of co-workers and she has more food in her office then I have in my house!”

Principal Brad Wallace remember that After they had the Harlem Globetrotters come to Highland he challenged Jena to a game of lightning. He thought it was an easy game, but she just kept making it and making it. 

Now that you know about our assistant principal, Ms. Jena Wilcox, you can feel at ease talking to her. Just don’t get sent to her office for breaking the rules!