An Exciting New Experience: Inline Skates

Inline Skating: The True Indoor Adventure

An Exciting New Experience: Inline Skates

Eryn Wright, Reporter

Is it too cold to adventure outside? But still to warm for your winter activities? Are you looking for adventure? Then do I have the answer for you, Inline skating. 

Inline skating is a more extreme version of your everyday roller skating, With four huge wheels in a row but a small shoe just like a roller skate. They are the best for speed and teach you the truth of endurance. 

I have been an Inline skater for about three and a half years now, when I lived in Colorado I was on a team that would train for inline speed competitions. But, when we moved we lost all traction in the sport mostly because my little sister and I are the only inline skaters in Pocatello.

Which is probably due to the fact it isn’t a very well known sport, and with only having one skating rink in town. However in October of last year Deleta re-did their floors for a smoother more consistent experience which is perfect for the conditions of Speed Skaters (inline skaters). With the changes in the floors and the weird weather Pocatello has been experiencing skating is one of the best options we have during these interesting times. Nonetheless Speed Skating is not for everyone and it takes time and practice, but doesn’t everything.

 However, I think you will quickly learn to love this very interesting sport.