The plan for senior graduates

How will this graduation be different from the class of 2020´s

Highland Graduates vs Covid

Highland Graduates vs covid

Hazel Nunez, Reporter

2020 graduates definitely did not expect there graduation to end the way that it did.  None of us expected a virus to hit us, but how will 2020 graduates of Highland do it this year? How will it be different?  Will they allow more people aloud to attend?

2021 still in a global pandemic, some kids around the world doing full online,zooms,google meets, or how we are doing the hybrid method, or even maybe back to 5 days a week, whatever it is it’s not what we were use to.  One common question is what’s the plan for the seniors.

Seniors will have it better then the 2020 graduates however the year might not be as fun for them.

2020 graduates didn’t have to wear a mask they got to get together until mid of tri three it was supposed to be a week longer spring break, which turned into us missing the rest of the school year.

Their graduation will be better then how it was last year. However there still not exactly sure what the next steps are.  This graduation will not be held at the Holt Arena; it will either be held at Highland High School, or the wellness complex.

Principal Brad Wallace said, ¨We had all seniors take a vote.”  The options for the votes were weather they should do a parade, or whether to just walk on the stage.  I talked to one of the seniors, asking what they wanted to do for the graduation, Brantley Summers said “It would be nice to do a parade but I also would like to walk up on stage¨

This year is definitely going to be a lot different from the rest of the years and it’s still going to be different from 2020 graduates. The cases are definitely worse than it was last year, but this time we are more prepared.  On April 6th 2020 was the highest corona cases for the beginning, later to become one of the smallest amount of cases we had.

As of a couple days ago February 8,2021 is way different from when April was, of an average of 567 new cases in Idaho.   April 6th had 3 deaths that day due to the coronavirus, February 8, 2021 had no deaths but 567 new cases.

This graduation will f0r sure not be how it was in 2020 or the years before.  It’ll be different from all the previous years 2020 included.