The Real Threat

Biden should take a look into the AR15 attachments and have stricter policies and the attachments of AR15’s instead of just dealing with the small bit of it.

Trysten McCurdy, reporter

With how you can put anything on an AR15 there are a lot of attachments that can bypass gun laws like how the bump stock bypasses the fully automatic laws same with the lightweight trigger it bypasses the fully automatic laws.

Biden hasn’t  looked into how the AR15 functions; he just made the ammunition cost more and the AR Pistol turned into a SPR and has stricter rules. Biden should take a look into the AR 15 attachments and have stricter policies about the attachments of AR15’s instead of just dealing with the small bit of it.

There are many attachments that can bypass the system and be classified as a semi-automatic weapon. Even though the bump stock was banned and the nation thought that everything was fine with the AR 15, nope there are still a lot of attachments that bypass the system and are still classified as a semi-automatic like the lightweight trigger these are still legal to use today.

With a normal AR you can pull the trigger back and shot 1 shot and it’s kind of tough to but, with a lightweight trigger you can fire a shot when you pull the trigger and when you let go and since it’s easy to pull the trigger back you can shoot as fast as you would like with it.

Biden could take a look into this because if you take your AR15 with a lightweight trigger and start blasting it in a public firing range you might get the cops called on you and then you have to tell them that you don’t have any fully automatic weapons license and you have a lightweight trigger if they didn’t know about what a lightweight trigger looks like you might get arrested for no reason for not having proper paperwork.

Not having to own a concealed weapons license to have a concealed weapon in most parts of the United States. Every state should have a concealed weapons permit priority just Imagine driving from Idaho (a state where you don’t have to own a permit) to Utah (a state where you do have to own a permit) and an officer pulls you over and sees your “concealed” weapon in your glove compartment and decides to ask if you have a permit and you say no you could get fined a fortune for not owning a concealed weapons permit.

Like I said all states need to have concealed carry permits. What if people don’t have the time to get a permit. I would have it so that you would have to be at least 25 to own any type of gun because there won’t be that one dumb kid that thinks he’s cool and decides to go shooting with his friends without an adult since 18 year olds are still teens and stupid. I don’t even trust myself with a butter knife cause I would be throwing it at a fence like it’s a throwing knife.

Once you are 18 and you have the money, you can get any permit you want because you don’t have a criminal record. It does take awhile to get a suppressor or fully automatic permit, but I bet a lot of people can be patient since they know it’ll be worth it in the end.  

If we want a safer country we need to handle this problem fast or before you even know it in the future your 5 year old would own a tiny 9mm pistol. The logical solution is stricter gun policies.

The Government needs to open their eyes and see that there is a lot of stuff going on with guns and they need to handle it fast before they make a gun that shoots fire bullets and can be used by civilians, wait, nevermind, they already did make that and it’s legal