Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

Breanna Silvas

Gender and Sexuality Alliance has a mission to promote awareness, understanding, and acceptance of a wide spectrum of genders and sexualities across cultures. GSA isn’t just for people of the LGBTQ+ community meaning if you are straight you can still join the club.

Why would you want to join the club if you’re straight? Well, you could join it to get a better understanding of the LGBTQ+ community and learn how to create a safe place for the LGBTQ+.

Let’s say you have a family member who just came out to the family as bi and your family is making them feel bad about themselves for being the way they are so you join GSA to find a way to get your family to accept the person that came out.

While you were learning more about the LGBTQ+ you find ways to help comfort your family in times like this. Soon you will realize that it doesn’t matter who you are or who you love as long as you’re happy and that you aren’t causing harm to others.

If you know someone who is LGBTQ+ you should be proud of them because it takes a lot of courage to come out to your family, friends, and to everyone you know. If GSA is a club you would want to join next tri or next year you can talk to Ms. Holston in room B19.