2021 takes off to a bad start

2021 takes off to a bad start

Hazel Nunez, Reporter

Secondary Headline: How Donald Trump responded to the rally

January 5th-6th will definitely be a day in history.  It will be in history books for the next generation to come.   It will be a day our nation will not forget.

January 5th and 6th of 2021 was the day a riot broke out at the United States Capital.  It is known that the capital was raided by Trump supporters.  Some want to pass blame to Antifa, but lack any evidence to support such a claim.

The Trump supporters didn’t just start it on their own, Trump made an announcement to the people to do this.

This riot that took place on those days didn’t have a good outcome.  In fact 5 people died those days at the capital including a cop by the name of Brian D. Sicknick.

Donald Trump named this riot “Rally to save America”.  Nearly 2,000 people showed up to the white house, and many took belongings that belonged to the white house.  Donald Trump simply urged his supporters to “fight like hell” is what he stated.

Dozens who stormed the capital were arrested and some charged with illegally entering the capital, others in trouble with the law for taking stuff from the white house.  Many participants frantically worked to erase digital evidence due of fear of losing their jobs or being harassed online after the riots were over.

Donald Trump later got banned from twitter due what happened and how he gave people the idea of storming the capital somewhat on twitter.

A guy by the name Mr.haang who is a follower of Christ was there at the capital one of those days and stated out loud “We are here. See us! Notice us! Pay attention!” Later after he said that, he spoke in an interview saying “Should I get down on my knees and ask for forgiveness?” Wondering if he went to far.

Donald Trump was then later recorded on his reaction to the rally.  What happened in that video was mainly Trump not caring and being proud of what his people have done to the white house.

The day January 5th,2021 and January 6th,2021 will not be forgotten, it has never been done in history.  So therefor, It was a very important day in history, where generations and generations will soon come to learn about this day in history.