The Dangers of Socialism and Communism

We need to know the difference between the two.


In Brussels, Belgium on February 21, 1848 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto with hopes of describing their theories on Communism and Socialism.

Jamaal Bell and Brody Chandler

Socialism is a step in the direction of Communism, but before we can get into that we need to know the difference between the two.

“Under socialism individuals can still own property, but industrial production, or chief means of generating wealth, is communally owned and managed by a democratically elected government.”

Journalist, Sarah Pruitt said. Pruitt also said “under communism there is no such thing as private property.

All property is communally owned, and each person receives a portion based on what they need.”

Socialism and Communism are not the great perfect social philosophies because they never end up working. Look at Soviet Russia, many people starved because the government wasn’t giving to the people they were giving to themselves.

In Communist China many people are silenced by the government when something happens, it happened with Covid, the doctors and people who said “hey I have a bad feeling about this” were silenced.

According to Noelani Kirchner’s article on, Venezuela, a country dominated by a Socialist party, has a 96% poverty rate.

While there are many reasons for Venezuela’s fall, Socialism was a big factor in it.

There are also many downsides to both, most of them are very bad and people can end up getting hurt in some cases.

In fact one of the main ways to achieve Communism is rising against the middle and upper classes of society and overthrowing the government, we just saw a massive mob at the Capitol building, and it divided the nation even more than it already was, now imagine that happening but the government was actually overthrown, you would lose so many rights.

The biggest problem is that Socialism does eventually lead to Communism because the government will always become corrupt, it will never be perfect but when it becomes corrupt in socialism and in communism the people suffer way more because the government owns everything, the food, the shelter, the clothing, everything.

According to Tejvan Pettinger, a blogger on, there are some pros to Socialism if the government does maintain the non-corrupt state.

 Redistribution of income through progressive tax systems and welfare states, Ownership of key public sector utilities (gas, electricity, water, railways), Free healthcare and education through direct taxation, support for workers ( trade unions, minimum wage, and labor market regulations), and government regulation of monopolies, housing market, and environment.

These are true, but what happens when the income redistribution is really late, what if you don’t get it because we don’t have enough money as a country to dispute that much back to you, we are already $27 trillion dollars in debt, so you probably won’t be getting full tax reimbursement.

Also free healthcare and education is only free for the people who don’t pay the ramped up taxes, it isn’t free for the people who work, those people are having to pay more and more towards the government with the multiple other taxes as well, according to Linda Giannarelli of, America had a 9.2% poverty rate, meaning out of the 331 million people in the U.S. 30 million of them were living in poverty.

We would not be able to afford the taxes that come with free healthcare. Monopolies are already illegal in the US, take a history lesson.

We made them illegal in 1890 so we don’t need any government regulation of monopolies that don’t exist. So no, I don’t think socialism is great because most of their positives can either be turned into negatives, or would be irrelevant in our society.

 We need to take all of the wrongs in our society and make changes instead of pointing them out and doing nothing about it, we need to do more and we need to get out of the mindset of “free is free without consequence”, we need to get both political parties on the same page with each other, and we need to educate ourselves more about politics, because while they are boring and lead to arguments it is important to know them because if you want change we need people who are willing to put the people before themselves and make those changes. 

Socialism and Communism are dangerous for America, not because of the other countries that have it, but because the people in America are already tired of the government and the people, if the government had control we would lose a lot of freedoms because it would no longer be the government working for the people it would be switched, there would without out a doubt be a civil war, and the country we know would be left in chaos, more chaos than we are already in.