Interviewed Human Of highland

Fantastic Human Of Highland


Kamri Honstetter, reporter

For this article, I have interviewed Lyndsey Lewis.

Although most people at school address her as Lyndsey her nickname she goes by is Lynn.

“It’s what my dad wanted to call me, but my mom said it was too boyish” she says. 

She’s gone by Lyndsey her whole life up until freshman year when her math class started to call her Lynn.

“I prefer it to my birth name” she stated. Her main two hobbies are debate and art. She tells me “I enjoy competing in debate because I usually get to talk about things I care about.¨

When it comes to art she enjoys painting the most.  “I’ve lived in Idaho my entire life, but I’ve moved across the state a couple of times” Lyndsey tells me. Her moms’ name is Julie and she’s 39, “She is very invested emotionally in everything she does” says, Lyndsey.

Her dad’s name is Joe, he’s 40 and a very caring person according to Lyndsey.

Her parents are divorced so she has two step-parents. Her stepdad’s name is Andrew, he’s 37 and her stepmom’s name is Suzie, she is 45, and goes by Sunshine.

She has three biological siblings:  Kailey, fifteen,  “she is very real and doesn’t fake emotion.”

Arya, eleven, is a very smart kid. Courtney, nine, tends to exceed her grade level and is very nice.

She also has six step-siblings, four on her mom’s side and two on her dad’s side.

On her mos side, she has Nakia, fifteen, and she is really positive.

Elizabeth, twelve, is very straight forward. Daniel, eighth, is very caring.

Micheal, ten, is very passionate.  On her dad’s side, she has Tori, thirteen, she is very mature for her age.

Jake, ten, he loves everyone, ¨ he gives the best hug¨The top three people in my inner friend group are Lexa, Trinity, and Jarom.

All of her friends had really great things to say about her. The story that stood out the most about her was Lexa story where she goes on to tell me,¨ once during a debate tournament I let her use my makeup as face paint and got some really interesting pictures¨

which is the best picture to use for this article that shows Lyndsey’s personality.

I wanted to interview Lyndsey because she is a very unique person, dresses in an expressive way, and was just all around a fun interview to conduct.