No Limit? Lets Hit It!

Why certain strips of highway should have no speed limit.

Driving a bit over the limit.

Adrian Vera

Tyler drives his BMW a bit quick in the school parking lot.

Tyler Spurgeon, Reporter

Having no speed limit can be safer than normal speeds in certain areas.

I personally feel like certain stretches of highway in the US should have no speed limit.

No speed limits on certain stretches can be safer more or less the same in some areas of the United States for driving.

USA Today states that in 2017 there were 9717 deaths from 37113 accidents. Thats down 574 from 2016. 

So even with raised highway speed limits in places like Idaho, Montana, Nevada and more. That there close no relation of deaths with higher speeds.

So even with higher to no speed limits car accident deaths would remain close to the same.

Today’s cars have much better fuel economy than 10 years ago.

Being a Petrol-Head myself most cars made today have much smaller engines with decent power.

Which means fuel economy with cars has been better than ever.

US News stated in an article that a new 2020 Kia Optima and Ford Fusion Hybrids, that use 87 octane fuel, can get 42 miles to the gallon!

With 42 miles to the gallon, you are paying roughly $3 per 42 miles. In Pocatello at least. 

So even with higher limits the newer cars would still get great gas mileage.

Many people state that higher speed limits can cause more fatal accidents. This can be true in some places.

The New York Times states that stretches of the Autobahn in Germany that have posted limits have 26% less fatal crashes than without limits.

In 2017 there were 409 fatal crashes on the Autobahn, most of which were ruled “Inappropriate Speeding”.

With or without speed limits there will always be crashes. It’s human error. Sometimes it’s nice to have speed limits on certain parts.

I feel like on less traveled highways there should be no speed limits for the millions of Gear Heads that want to use their car for what it was made for. On more traveled highways like in Los Angeles and other higher populated areas there should always be speed limits.

So with all that said. I’d like to see some parts of the highway system in the U.S. to be speed sign free.