Jordan Mayo

Jordan shares a storyof her time at summer camp.

Ruby Kloh

Pictures Jordan shared from her camp in 2019.

Hello Humans of Highland!

This week I interviewed B-Day student Jordan Mayo!

Jordan told me about a couple of her church camp experiences. She said, “I attend two church camps each summer, one of which is in Cascade, Idaho.”

As mishaps happen, and we all make mistakes, so did Jordan.

I’ll let her tell it, “ I had a mishap while changing clothes one morning. We all had to use these tiny stalls to change, and because the floor was dirty, I would usually put my clothes on top of the toilet. However, that day I made a fatal mistake: I didn’t close the toilet. Long story short, my clothes fell into said toilet.”

Now, I could quote uncle Iroh, but it’s easier to just say that when we make mistakes we always look to fix them.

Jordan said, “My instant reaction was to clean them, so I picked them out and ran to the showers. I found a bar of soap no one used and attempted to clean them off. Mind you, my friend is laughing hysterically at me the entire time.”

The conflict resolution ended when the counselor came to the rescue.

Jordan ends her story with, “The counselor then explained how we had a washing machine that I could use, which I was obviously unaware of if it was unclear from my actions. So I had to walk from the bathrooms to the kitchen where the machine was and once again had to explain my flustering tale to the staff.”