Why school district 25 shouldn’t open school doors 5 days a week

school district 25 shouldn’t open school doors 5 days a week


Highland Highschool

Hazel Nunez

The worldly spread virus has devastated our school system, opening 5 days a week is still an open question for our nation.  Opening 5 days a week will affect us all in some way.  Going back to normal won’t sit right with us.  We will have to get ready to a new schedule we weren’t expecting at all this year.

There’s no point on going back to school 5 days a week.  We are already halfway through the end of school, if we go back this is something we all didn’t see coming.  That’s not the only reason why I think going back to school 5 days a week is bad.

Schools attendance will decrease rapidly.  Some parents are not willing to put there students in harm’s way of Covid-19. The chances of getting covid are very high if we all go back 5 days a week.  There’s no way how we can social distance.  The halls will be filled with students.

Some students wandering the hall may have covid and be Asymptomatic.  Covid doesn’t always make you sick, some can get it but not feel sick.  Covid isn’t a joke it’s a deadly world wide spread disease.  Going back to school 5 days a week isn’t going to help.

We expect to get rid of Covid yet we put students in harms way to catch it.  If we go back 5 days a week the covid tests are going to incline.  We say we want to get rid of Covid, but we put each other more at risk.  If we want to get rid of Covid we shouldn’t put students in harm’s way, we would rather be safe than sorry.

New York just went back to 5 days a week and now the money the teachers get paid are going towers covid and the school.  This isn’t working out for New York, the students attendance dropped rather quickly, and the problems their running into we might run into if we go back 5 days a week, just like how they did.

In my opinion if you want to put students in harm’s way then do 5 days a week, that’s all that’s happening if we go 5 days a week.  There is nothing that’s safe about going back for a full week .  Some may argue that going back to school for a whole week gives teachers more opportunity to teach and have time to speak and let there students learn.

I can say that many teachers have gotten use to this schedule and so have students. From all the students I have spoken to that go here at Highland High School majority of them are not looking forward to going for a full week, majority of them like the hybrid and are hoping that we can stay in the hybrid.

Our brains have gotten use to this schedule and trying to change it real quick is going to confuse us, wear us out, be more stressed.  Personally though, That is my opinion on how and why I believe school district 25 should stay in the hybrid method.