Abbie Summers and her life

Abbie Summers life at Highland


Hazel Nunez, Reporter

Abbie Summers is a freshman that goes to Highland High School.  She has a twin sister which who is older than her by 35 minutes her sisters name is Addison Summers. There both 15 years old, and before they came to highland they went to a charter school.

She has a boyfriend which his name is Kiefer, they didn’t meet until this year, and have been together for 5 months now.  She also has a close friend and her name is Desiree. They’ve been friends sense last year.

Abbie, Addison, Kiefer, and Desiree are all one big friend group.  They always hangout with each other.  Abbie’s real name is Abigail but everyone calls her abbie because she prefers it that way.

She loves to play softball along with her sister.  Currently there trying out for the Highland Softball team. Another one of her hobbies that she likes to do is watch movies.

The places they’ve lived have only been in Pocatello, Idaho.  Things that she likes to do for fun at school are playing sports, hanging out with her friends, and roaming the halls with her friends.  Abbie has a thing called Alopecia.

Its where her immune system tells her that hair follicles are bad so her hair falls out in spots.  There is currently no cure for it.  She’s had it sense about 6th grade.

A favorite memory that Addison has with Abbie was when they were younger and they were in the garage and they weren’t supposed to be in there and they heard there dads truck pulling in so they jumped out of there chairs and ran inside and Addison tried running up the stairs but missed a step and ended up falling.  Abbie didn’t care and just ran on top of addison while Addison was laying on the stairs.

A favorite memory that her boyfriend has of them is, Abbies family was going to Utah and Kiefer was coming with but had to bring a hoodie to Abbie.  Abbie’s family ended up having to wait for Kiefer while he looked for his hoodie. Kiefer took about like 20 min so there family had to wait on him for awhile.

A favorite memory her best friend had with Abbie was, Abbie, Desiree, and Addison would all ding dong ditch and one time they were ding dong ditching and Abbie shoved Addison into a mailbox.

That is a little bit about Abbie Summers and the people she hangs out with and the memories others have with her.