Trump supporters, protesters or terrorists?

The Capitol Attack

Trump supporters, protesters or terrorists?

Gideon Hauser, Author and Reporter

As we all know, the Capitol was stormed on Wednesday, January 6th.

What was supposedly going to be a “peaceful protest” called on by Trump, quickly turned into a riot and a mob of people overtook the Capital building. Five people died and many people were injured

Some of the rioters even mentioned killing political figures, and the police found a truck full of guns and homemade bombs.

So the question now is, protesters or terrorists? a plotted event or an over reaction?

A friend of mine who wishes to stay Anonymous, says that it was an over reaction to the notion that Biden had cheated on the election basically saying Trump’s false claims instigated the attack. They went onto say that the “protesters may have taken it a bit overboard.”

On the other hand, I had people saying that it was just a full on “Domestic terrorist attack” and that the people there should be charged as such. They also added  that no one should be excluded from the law just because they “were acting on behalf of the President.”

No one makes bombs for a peaceful protest, and that by the law, what they did was an illegal act, some of them even commit ing treason, and homicide.

Trump lost in a fair game election. So before you go saying that the Trump supporters were defending their “President” based off of lies just remember that acts like this are highly illegal and considered domestic terrorist attacks by the written law.