Freshman Highland Girls Basketball crush Idaho Falls

Freshman Highland Girls Basketball crush Idaho Falls

Hazel Nunez, Reporter

December 17th 2020, Highland freshman girls basketball team went up against Idaho falls.  At the end of the game the score is 48 highland and 2o Idaho falls.

Highland started the game off with the ball.  The first point that was made in the game was from Highland number 22 by a layup. Not even three minutes after highland scored another point by another layup by player 34.  Highland had a scoring streak of 8 points, before Idaho falls got any points on the board.

Number 16 on Idaho falls fouls one of highlands players which gives Highland one free throw, which Highland makes.  The first quarter ends with Highland 11, Idaho falls 6.  Idaho falls only needs a two pointer and a three pointer to catch up.

2nd quarter starts with number 3 on Highland making a three pointer.  Highland fouls an Idaho falls’ player, so Idaho falls shoots for the free through. Idaho falls makes their first free throw, but misses the second. Highland ends up recovering the ball, but Idaho falls ends up taking the ball back.  They take it down court with them and makes a layup. The score is now 17-11.

A Lot of fouls happening in this game, not even a while after Idaho gets called a foul for holding. Number 33 on Highland gets ready for both free throws and makes both of them.  Idaho falls starts catching up at the end of the game. Highland does foul Idaho falls at the end.  Idaho falls gets 2 free throws but misses both, at the end of the game the score ends at 48-20, with Highland winning.