Highland freshman team plays in a pandemic

The Highland girls freshman basketball team plays Bonneville girls freshman basketball team. highland beat bonneville 46-29.

Kamri Honstetter and Hailey Bennett

the freshman girls highland vs bonneville game (kamri honstetter)

Highland girls freshman basketball team played Bonnevilles girls freshman basketball team.

Highland starting the game off strong by scoring the first points.

The highland freshman girls basketball game was a great game.

Highland won the final score being 46-29.

I am proud of the girls freshman basketball team it being there first year of high school and playing basketball during a global pandemic.

I’m sure it has been hard on the highland sports teams not being able to have every one there for support but at least they still get to play.

The freshman girls basketball players act great on the court they show good sportsmanship.

All of the girls we nice to each other even when they didn’t make the shot. They all were on and off the court giving shaking hands.

All of the girls were good at socializing with each other and keeping each other occupied

Overall it was a good game. very proud of the freshman team they played good and hard and it lead them to another victory.