Highland gets blasted in a heartless loss to Thunderridge.

The Rams fall and tumble straight down the mountain.


Trysten McCurdy, Reporter

Highland really bit the dust in this game of Basketball with a score of 52 home to 60.

Highland was lacking hard the 1st period they were a little aggressive and keep on handing the ball over                             to Thunderridge.

The only time I saw them really trying is in the 2nd and 3rd period they were basically on the same tenth number for both of those periods.

I could cut them some slack Basketball dose take skill and at the end of the game Thunderridge was looking like Niagra falls.

Thunderridge watched film and basically knew what Highland was doing schematically.

Which Highland didn’t thats why Thunderridge was playing aggressive and to be honest was just sad to even watch the rest of the game the players didn’t look like they were having fun and they lacked heart while being blasted.