Sophie Gagnon

Sophie shares her story from working in customer service.

A picture of a prop in Sophie’s place of work, taken during quarantine

Hello Humans of Highland! 

This week I spoke to A-Day student Sophie Gagnon. 

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Sophie, as she is one of the sweetest people ever! This week she shared a story about her job with us. 

Sophie works at a local fast food restaurant, and was working cash and drive through, when she encountered a very rude customer. 

“I was doing cash and drive through, which is taking the money from people, when this lady drives past my window slightly.” Sophie said to me beginning the story. 

From what I hear, customer service of any form is very stressful, but let’s continue with what Sophie has to say.

“She has her little five year old hand me her credit card, and of course it falls. Their little arms were short, and I couldn’t grab it in time.” Sophie says to me, “This lady just starts glaring at me. I was very apologetic, I felt really bad. ‘I went, ‘Ma’am I’m so sorry, I can’t climb out and grab it though I wish I could, I feel really bad and I’m so sorry. You could drive forward a tiny bit and grab it’” 

Sophie apologized quite a bit, but the customers glare didn’t let up. 

“I have so many stories like this from working where I do.” Sophie finishes with.