Online Debates: Covid Strikes Again

Alta and its fight to stop the spread of covid-19

Eryn Wright

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Like every other extra-curricular activity this year, debate has moved to an online format for competitions.  What is usually a trip on a bus, often a stay at a hotel, and an energetic in-person competition has moved to virtual debates.  Student generally gather at the school and go to individual rooms with their computers to perform their speeches or argue their topics.

Regarding the Alta tournament, Lincoln-Douglas debater, Robert Pratt explained, ¨…over all everyone seemed disappointed and underwhelmed… it just didn’t feel the same.¨ 

One tournament debaters look forward to every year is the tournament at Alta High School Alta is usually a earth-shattering event the the debate team looks forward and fears. With the new Covid regulations everything has had to change to meet the cdcs ever growing needs. However, debate saw through the novice debate in early november that a change had to be made. Due to the overwhelming confusion with online ballets to minimize crowding and proximity it only created confusion and stress. 

As Pratt explained ¨ …Even though it feels different the Debate Team will keep adapting and moving forward just like we always have…¨ Although as a school, and as a community the world around us is changing rapidly highland faces changes and adapts to them practically flawlessly. Once again Highland as a whole has faced covid once again.