Breanna Silvas

If you want to join a club where you can improve your writing skills and make new friends, newspaper production is for you.

When you join the newspaper you have a responsibility to make sure that you have your articles done in time and that you follow the responsibilities that go along with your job title.

I’m the clubs’ editor so my job every week is to write about a different club and include quotes and a picture. Everyone’s job title has very similar responsibilities as mine but there are always different responsibilities in the different job title.

Newspaper is relatively small so social distancing is pretty easy to do in this club, we don’t sit next to each other and always wear our masks, even when interviewing.

Joining this club can help you make new friends because you have to go to interview people.

Most of the time you might interview people you never would’ve thought to talk to which can spark new friendships.

Something I’ve realized with being in newspaper is that you because less shy.

You become less shy because you have to interact with your peers to be able to write your article.

If you are thinking of joining newspaper to make new friends, improve your writing skills, or try to become less shy you can go talk to Ms. Greco in room C44.