Is a movie about a kid running away under rated?

Screenshot of Jay North

Screenshot of Jay North

Hazel Nunez, Reporter

The slow rising show ” Dennis the menace”  Is about a kid whose name is Dennis.

Now Dennis is a menace and always ruins things for his next door neighbor the man next door goes by “Mr.Wilson”  Mr. Wilson and Dennis do not get along at all. For dennis always is up to something and ends up in trouble.

Dennis is a boy who is the age of 7.  The movie starts out by Dennis riding his bike and attached to the back of the bike are a bunch of cans.

When the movie starts you can hear the cans hitting the solid cement ground, against his medal bike.  One day Dennis’s mom and dad have to go on vacation.

For there jobs.  They needed a babysitter for Dennis so they called everyone on there phone book list, but everyone on it has already baby sitted Dennis before and they all knew how that went.

So everyone said no.  The last person they could call were the Wilsons.  Now mrs. Wilson was completely okay with baby sitting Dennis, she wanted to because she’s never had a kid of her own and she loves kids.

Mr.Wilson on the other hand did not want to at all babysit Dennis but somehow Mrs.Wilson convinced her husband to let them watch Dennis.  Dennis gets his stuff packed and goes to there house thinking it would be tons of fun.

Well he was wrong it was the most boring time ever for him.  That night Dennis ends up ruining something that  Mr. Wilson has been looking forward to almost all of his life.  Mr.Wilson ends up yelling at dennis, yelling stuff you wouldn’t expect your child to hear.  Dennis ends up getting so offended he runs off into the woods with his bike.

Dennis runs into a man who is a thief but Dennis didn’t know that.H][;lmne thought it was some nice guy.  Little did he know that guy who he thought was sweet wanted to hold him hostage.

Dennis ends up getting tied up and he got out easily ,he thought it was just for fun, he asked the man if he wanted to learn how to tie a really good knot where no one  can get out of it, of course the man said said yes.  So Dennis tied him up but, Dennis ends up loosing the main thing that was supposed to be used to untie him.  Dennis tries to help but just keeps making things worse.  He ends up finding out the mans a thief while going through that mans bag.

So the next morning Dennis takes the thief to there home town to turn the man into the police.  Everyone is so happy Dennis is back ,even though he can be a handful people still missed him.

I would definitely recommend this movie if your into liking funny movies.  This movie was released in year 1993.  It’s one of the most underrated movies.

With only a 2.5 star rating, but in my opinion it was a really good movie full of laughs, emotions and the list goes on.  In my opinion I would’ve rated this movie a 4 star.

This movie is one of the most underrated movies from 1993.  This movie came out when the hit movie Aladdin came out along with Jurassic park, because those two movies were really good this movie hardly got any attention, because people were focused on those movies.