Non Slips, Following Your Path Way to Success

Non slips restaurant grade shoes

Eryn Wright, Reporter

Non Slips are cheap, practical, sleek black restaurant grade shoes with the traction of a tire, entirely waterproof.

These shoes are easily accessible and they are cheap which is perfect for the working class that doesn’t want to spend $50 on shoes to get you safely from A to B.

This product extremely exceeded my expectations because it is a workhorse that uses its tire like traction to keep me safe in the kitchen while it also keeps me safe and warm against ice and snow during the mile walk home.

This product is meant for people who work in restaurants or in any work area where caution is advised, or for any person who is an explorer of the outdoors.

They can be found anywhere shoes are sold and if your working at a restaurant they are required and they will become easily accessible.

You should spend the time and money acquiring this item because they are one of the cheapest most particular  shoes you will ever own.