Call of Duty Black ops: Cold War best COD Treyarch made!

After black ops 4 they knew they messed up so they went back what to what they did the best the 70’s-90’s wars.


Trysten McCurdy, Reporter

This game is based on the Cold war where Russia and the U.S were in a “war” flexing their power with nuclear bombs but, they added some back story about a Russian agent named Perseus is spying and stole a nuclear bomb made by the U.S in England the bomb was supposed to be used for a invasion of the Russians but the Russians found out before they decided to attack England.

In one mission you go to a Russian training facility with your squad and find a very familiar area they made a replica of a U.S city for a training course. Here you find a bunch  references to older Activision Games like Pitfall.

If your not into the story or you dont think it is historically accurate then I’d recommend Multiplayer were there are a bunch of maps like Moscow, Nuketown 84, Cartel, and Checkmate. The best map in my opinion is Nuketown it’s been in the Treyarch Call of duty’s since Black ops.

In this version of Nuketown is a replica of the one in Black ops 1 but more 80’s theme.

If you don’t prefer that either then try out the Zombies mode there is only one map for now but its full of easter eggs and surprises. This also isn’t a new map its a reimagined map which was in World at War the very first zombies map. This adds a new storyline as well the Russians came to experiment and then found the zombies and the portal which they came from about decade later cause they found it back when the Vietnam war was still going on you are assigned to investigate and help uncover any secrets you find. There are normal zombies which grow stronger each wave, there are the Plague Hounds which are terrifying and disgusting, there is the hazmat zombie I call him Chernobyl Brute which has 2 stages a big brute to 2 shriveled up radioactive demons, and the one zombie the Heavy Armor zombie which is a heavy armored zombie that just eats up mags like a bullet sponge.

They also brought back the O.G perks like Juggernog which gives you extra health so you don’t get beaten to death faster, Speed cola which helps you reload faster but instead of the spanish theme and jingle it’s a hippy looking soda that looks like the mystery machine from scooby doo, then Stamin Up to help you run longer, Quick revive to revive teammates or your self if you play solo faster, Deadshot Daiquiri to shoot em in the head, and the new one Elemental shot which gives you a damage boost and instead of the old glass soda bottles and since it’s the 80’s they made the machines have soda cans instead of soda bottles.

You also got the mystery box which gives you a random weapon and if you’re lucky enough you can get 1 of the 2 special weapon like the Ray Gun or the D.I.E Shockwave that shoots electricity balls and tears them to shreds.

Who would like this? Any Veteran that was in the Iraq war, any future army/navy/airforce/marine, and any real gamer that likes first person shooters.

I hope that it gives us more operators for multiplayer from Black ops 1. It met my expectations a long time ago because when I heard the name Cold War and anything Treyarch dose that involves the Vietnam era is amazing cause all the intense scene are real cause all of the stuff that it shows like torture, war crimes, and action scene are there because they happened not the exact same action stunt but action in that game isn’t just for entertainment it is there to show why soldiers come back from a tour with PTSD or how they died.

2. I hope there are references to past Black ops games. I saw references to past games like Dead ops Arcade 2 from Black ops 3, and past Activision Games I also saw characters from Black ops 1. I hope they brought back finisher moves.

They brought back finishers, it showed more realistic stuff that would be seen in wars, and they referenced a bunch of classic games.

Overall Black Ops Cold War is a great game ab if you game I highly recommend it!