Cosette Wood

Cosette Wood volunteers at a local food bank.

Ruby Kloh, Feature Editor

Hello Humans of Highland!

This week I spoke to Cosette Wood, another B-day student.

Like most of us the hybrid schedule left her with quite a bit of spare time on her hands, while some chose to pick up another hobby, I chose sewing, Cosette chose to do more volunteer work.

Cosette says, “So when the hybrid schedule for school first got introduced I was starting to see quite a bit of extra time on my hands. My mom started looking into different food banks that might need help during the day. She found a small food bank in town that her coworker goes to and decided to send us. Through charity work I have met new people and enjoyed helping those in need.”

Cosette’s volunteer work includes unloading food from the dock to the shelves to be handed out on Wednesdays. One of her more interesting stories centers around this fact.

Cosette said, ““When I do charity work I unload food to put onto the shelves and prepare for it to be handed out on Wednesday to families in need. One day we were unloading the dock (that’s where food gets dropped off) as normal but we had at least 4 less people than normal so things got pretty crazy. On this day we also had a larger amount of food than normal. Remarkably we worked so fast we got everything put away in an hour and half. Only 20 minutes over our normal time.”

As you would think, while not only having interesting stories, she would have a chance to meet new people! The most interesting of those people was her mom’s coworker! 

Cosette ends with, “I would say the most interesting person I’ve met since volunteering is my moms coworker. What’s pretty funny is, she’s decided to adopt us every week specifically for this.” 

Cosette has plans to do more in the future with plenty more stories to share. Be sure to check in with her!