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Hotwheels, more than meets the eye.


Tyler Spurgeon

Some things can seem big when looked at the right way.

Tyler Spurgeon, Reporter

Hot wheels are small 1:64 scale die cast cars for people of all ages.

Most people get Hot wheels when they are young and enjoy making up their own scenarios for a person to live and have a nice car to drive in.

But that experience can also be enjoyed while going a bit older. I’ve been collecting

Hot wheels for about four months and it gives some good fun.

Within the Hot wheels community you’ll find great people of all ages sharing a common idea; hotwheels and what they mean to them.

I had a very colorful past with these diecast toys with my siblings and family. I collect them because some bring back nostalgia and some because they are my real life favorite cars and I wanna have a miniature version.

Hot wheels fall under many different styles and tiers.  They offer mainline cars that have basic details.

Premiums which are made fully of metal and have real rubber wheels along with more detail.

Team transports are like Premiums but have a truck buddy to haul them along. Hot wheels also offers Fantasy cars that have plenty of imagination put into them.

Along with real cars that everyone can enjoy. Tooned cars are fun little stubbed cars that take a cartoony spin on our favorite rides. Along with plenty more to find!

These cars are lightweight and durable little toys, meaning that they can last for years of rough play.

I feel like others should purchase these little speed stars for a little fun and maybe even join a very broad community all over the world.

Hot wheels even offer their own type of Easter egg hunts. These cars are known as “Treasure Hunts” and are in limited production.

They make looking for Hot wheels a bit more fun because you can find a car that little to no one has found.

I normally expect very durable play toys with subtle details around the cars.

With most cars this expectation becomes a reality with all cars having at least painted headlights or taillights. Some even have little paint details you’d find on the real cars.

I was expecting to find the “Treasure Hunt” cars more often than not. But that isn’t how it works in a real life Easter egg hunt.

These cars become very hard to find due to other hunters looking for them.

I’ve personally only found three of the lower tier Treasure Hunts. But you can’t always expect something to be handed to you.

I really just expected this whole hobby as being something only a few people did and got the cars they like. But I later found out that there is much more around the corner after looking. Huge events in big cities were people sell, trade, buy and showcase their own or upcoming diecast cars.

You can find diecasts and Hotwheels almost anywhere, Walmart, Fred Meyers, BigLots, and Winco. Even Autozone has them!

Fred Meyer and Walmart are my go to places to pick them up. Fred Meyers has more displays of the mainline cars. Walmart has more options for Premium cars. Cars for everyone!

Anyone that has a love for cars a few bucks in their back pocket should try looking for some Hot wheels to enjoy. They can bring some nostalgia or even make new friends with other collectors if your in it for the long haul.

I always like to say that my most expensive hobby started with a dollar.