The Spirit Week Spirit During Hybrid Learning.

How Spirit Week Was Conducted Through Hybrid Learning.


Hailey Bennett

Principal Wallace and teachers dress up for twin day.

Kamri Honstetter and Hailey Bennett

Although spirit week was more complicated this year with the new hybrid system and covid everyone who participated had just as much fun as the years before!

On the first week of December Highland high school conducted a gift card giveaway for both the A-day group and B-day group.

Highland was also able to add in spirit day themes such as pajama day and twin day. This year’s Spirit week was just as enjoyable as the rest with minimal contact.

With Mrs. Mitton’s help, Highland conducted the same spirit towards spirit week.

Mrs. Mitton said that ¨they planned spirit week because they wanted to send us off in a good mood before Christmas break.¨

Highland also handed out gifts, all of the gift cards and chapstick they handed out was out of their budget.

PJ day was Mrs. Roberts’s favorite day because it was comfy and a great way to show the highland spirit.

Mrs. Roberts participated in PJ day and twin day when she participated in twin day she matched with Mrs. Plato and Mrs. Wilding.

Mrs. Mitton said that ¨Spirit week was a great week it was just hard for the students to find out what was going on because of the hybrid learning.¨

more people participated in twin day than PJ day because they had more of an idea on what to do for Wednesday than they did for Monday.

Mrs. Roberts said that ¨she liked twin day because she had the same clothes as Mrs. Plato and as Mrs. Wilding so it was easy to match with them and they wore comfy clothes.¨

Pj day was the comfiest day out of the two themes.

Jack Allen said that ¨school spirit morale was low due to the corona.¨

Many wondered how hard it was to get the word out that it was spirit week with the hybrid learning going on?

Jack Allen also stated that ¨not being able to see friends and go to school normally really puts off the school spirit.¨

Even though this year’s spirit week only consisted of two themed days Highland and their staff tried their best to make it enjoyable for all.

Aron Barrett said that they had planned the school spirit week to improve the highland spirit during these rough times of hybrid learning.

With hybrid learning, it’s been tough on some of the students and teachers switching over to online learning.

All in all Highland hopes you can keep your spirit up in these tough times during hybrid and covid-19, and stay safe!