Distributing the Covid-19 Vaccine

The distribution process of the Covid-19 vaccine.


The first series of Covid-19 Vaccines being distributed in the UK.

Hazel Nunez, Reporter

The Covid-19 Vaccine has finally been approved and is going to be out to the United States.

“Initial Idaho Covid-19 vaccine rollout expected within weeks” Joe Parris, from KTVB 7 news writes.

Dr.Patrice, chair of gov said that covid 19 vaccine will be released in Idaho sometime In mid December.

Burgess states “The good news is we are going to be getting more and more vaccine week by week.

So, it won’t be too long before we will be able to vaccinate anybody that really wants to have a vaccine.”

Another article says the covid vaccine will start shipping to states starting December 15th, and hopefully arriving In Idaho by December 16th or 17th.

The the first people who would get the vaccine before anyone else would be Health care workers, then it will start going out to the public.

Idaho is estimated at looking around 13,500 of the first dose of vaccines.

The vaccine will be shipped out twice CDC says they will keep some vaccines from the first series for the second series.

Making the Covid-19 vaccine a two step vaccination.

The second series will come out twenty one days after the first series.