Where do you go for lunch?

Lunch time with Hebdon?


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Mr. Jason Hebdon

Abbie Summers, Reporter

Lunch time is typically a time for  students to each and enjoy there lunch, a time for them to relax and take a break from worrying about school work.

Have you considered going to Mr Hebdon or room (B65) for lunch? Maybe watching a short movie/film so you have the chance to relax or so you have a place to go for lunch instead of roaming the halls for half an hour.

“Top 10 questions for Movie Club”

  1. Do the students maintain social distancing?
  2. Do students clean up after themselves?
  3. Do students prefer other movies or movie types?
  4. Do students enjoy his club?
  5. Do students treat his room and supplies with respect?
  6. Do students take into mind that Hebdon is doing this by choice not force?
  7. Do students have a backup plan if Hebdon isn’t around for the club?
  8. Do students come every session?
  9. Do students prefer movies over t.v shows?
  10. Do students get to pick the movie/shows they watch at lunch?

Hebdon has made the decision to use his class room at lunch time and let students of our Highland high school use his room for movies during lunch. If you know Hebdon he is always willing to make kids smile, and make sure there high school experience has met its high standard expectations. Hebdon is all about making sure kids feel welcome here at Highland.

According to my research done and after interviewing people along with Hebdon from the club, This is what I found out.

I first started off by asking Hebdon what the point of his club was, this is what he had to say. “The whole point of my club is to give kids somewhere to go for lunch, Helpful with Covid and social distancing in the hallways. Gives kids a place to relax and decompress from the world outside of school. Gives kids the chance to relax and not worry about school or homework, It also gives kids a chance to breath and not feel so stressed or pressured during the school day”

I then decided to ask him why he decided to start the club? and for what purpose was it useful for? ” It all started when 4 of my students from a present class started asking if i could play movies at lunch so they weren’t wondering the halls at lunch. Started with 4 students, then they started to bring their friends and soon it became a thing that kids liked doing during there lunch break” Hebdon Said

Next I decided to ask him on average how many people join or attend his lunch time club? These are his words
“On an average there are about 10-15 students a day different students different days, Different movies different students”

Final thing I wanted to ask him about his club was, How long this club had been running or how long he has been doing this. ” Well I think I started this club about 3 years ago starting with the 4 students who had a great idea for a lunch time break” Said Mr. Hebdon