Covid-19 strikes Men’s first ever Volleyball Tournament

The Title IX Act comes into play explaining how Men and Women sports came to be equals.


Tyler Spurgeon

Both genders were allowed to play on the same team.

This year was to be the first ever men’s volleyball tournament. Unfortunately it was canceled due to quarantining and COVID. With the cancelation of the volleyball match, students might be wondering why we don’t just have a men’s volleyball team with a regular season.

The short answer to that is Title IX.  For a long time girls had few to no athletic possibilities. They could do “lady-like” sports such as tennis, dance, and cheer.

Highland in the early years, 1968, only had Girls Tennis because there was no Title IX act. 

“We weren’t able to hold tryouts due to covid”,  Mr.Bell, Athletics Director, said.

Due to unequal extracurricular opportunities, Title IX was put into enactment apart the Education Amendment.

”[It] was meant too create equality” Camille Long, Track Coach, said.

Highland didn’t catch up with equal sports until 1991.

This added Womens: Track, Gymnastics, Basketball, Volleyball, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, and Softball.

With this enactment all sports had to have equal opportunities to all students, regardless of sex.

With this act in place Men’s Volleyball would have been a playable sport directed by the school.

With the Corona Virus still a threat the tryouts were canceled.