BYU Tips and Tricks Before Signing Up

Here are some tips to know before and during the BYU application process.

The front page of the financial aid website can guide you to what scholarships you want, can help with your account, and can give you information about being a missionary, go to to get started.

Brody Chandler and Trenton Hopkins

For many students applying to college can be a nightmare, luckily there are a few tricks out there, here are some tips and tricks for applying to one of the many colleges out there, BYU.

“Start early, the sooner the better” Jordi Howell, Career Counselor said.

The earlier you start the easier it will be to apply and get all of your credentials in place so you aren’t super stressed about meeting the application deadlines.

“It is a long process because you have t manually input all of the classes you have taken since freshman year.” Ms. Howell said.

You should keep track of all of the classes you have taken and start at a time where you aren’t going to be interrupted.

“You want a high GPA and good grades for a better chance at getting accepted into the college.”

The average GPA for acceptance is 3.8 meaning you would have to be at least an A- student, but not to worry their acceptance percentage this year was 63.73%.

“Make sure you apply to the right school, the one you are wanting to go to.” Ms. Howell said.

There are a total of eleven schools that you can apply to and three campuses, so it can be a pain if you accidentally applied to the wrong school.

“Make sure you get your references, it could be your parents, your employer, anyone is better than no one.” Ms. Howell said.

Pick your references wisely, they could better your chance of acceptance, especially employers because they have worked with you and it won’t be your parents saying you are their perfect angel.

“It is easier and cheaper to get a scholarship, and BYU offers quite a few, along with scholarships outside of BYU’s given ones.” Ms. Howell said.

BYU offers many scholarships, like the National Merit Scholarship, or the Sterling Scholarship, both of which can keep you safe from racking up student loan debts.

“The cost of attendance varies whether you are LDS or not, usually for LDS members it is 6,000 dollars while non LDS members pay 11,000 dollars.” Ms. Howell said.


If you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints then your cost of enrollment goes down greatly compared to those that aren’t LDS, but again there are a multitude of scholarships to help you out a little.

 “BYU does have an admittance fee of 35 dollars, which is relatively cheap compared to other schools.” Ms. Howell said.

BYU has a relatively low application fee, 35 dollars, which is much cheaper than Stanford or Columbia University, in fact Stanford has a 90 dollar application fee, the highest fee in the U.S.

“There are two major websites for signing up, one is for applying online and the other is for the financial aid programs.”  Ms. Howell said.

The two major websites are the application website, and the scholarships website, the application website is, and the scholarship website is