junior civitan rakes leaves for service

the junior civitan rakes leaves to help raise money for people



junior civitan club

Hailey Bennett and Kamri Honstetter

For no cost medical and dental care the junior civitan club went and raked yards on November 21  to raise money for money to donate.

Candice Carlson said that the junior civitan is a good way to help the environment. They have done multiple things to help out the community such as socktober where they got 550 pairs of socks.

The junior civitan is a club that the Highland, Century, and Pokey high schools participate in to help out the community and the environment.

Brooklyn Olsen from ISU said that she wanted to thank the junior civitan club for raking enough yards to come up with 10,000 dollars.

The junior civitan had raked over 97 yards to help people who cant afford medical and dental care.

Elise Wood said that she thinks more people should join the club because it is a nice way to give back community and environment.

The thing that you do in this club is just ways to give back to your community and environment and raise money for people who can’t afford things like medical and dental care.

Candice Carlson said that another thing that the junior civitan has done is that the did the canned food drive.

For the canned food drive you could donate money or cans and that ends on Friday the 4th.

Brooklyn Olsen said that the ¨Pocatello free clinics  runs on community support, such as the support of raking a difference.”

The free clinic is very thankful for the support of the junior civitan club and other supportive clubs and people.

Candice Carlson said that although they have only done three activities that it has helped a lot.

The junior civitan has helped a lot with the community in Pocatello.

Because of the junior civitans help they are able to help more  people in need that turn to the free clinic for support.

The free clinic helps provide quality health care to the medically underserved in South East Idaho.

Candice Carlson said that she feels that it’s important to give back to the environment, and it’s a good way to get involved.

Many people think that we need to do more for are environment and community and clubs like this help out a lot.

The junior civitan club is a great way to give back to your community and a great way to get involved and they always need new members.