Candace Carlson

Candace Carlson’s fun trip to the Grand Canyon.


Candace Carlson

Mrs. Carlson travel companions sit at the Grand Canyon.

Ruby Kloh, Feature Editor

Hello humans of Highland!

This week I spoke with Candace Carlson one of Highlands Spanish, and History teachers. She told me about her trip to the Grand Canyon in her Sophomore year of college.

“My sophomore year of college I was attending BYU, down in Provo, I had a really fun roommate. We would do all kinds of fun stuff, random, like go watch the movies at eleven o’clock at night, and other stuff like that.” Carlson says to me. 

They decided to take a trip to the Grand Canyon over spring break with her roommate, Jillian, her roommate’s boyfriend and his cousin. 

“Spring break at BYU is three days, it starts that Friday and ends monday. So we left Friday, drove down and started crossing over the fences and being precarious on the edge.” Said Carlson about the journey there. 

She describes the view of the Grand Canyon, as beyond what the pictures show. 

“The pictures of the Grand Canyon don’t do it justice, because of how cloudy and hazy it is with all the planes, but to see it in person is amazing, because it’s flat land as you drive up to it.”

With a possible hotdog dinner, she said she likely went to bed first, as she is an “early to bed person.”

She woke up early the next morning excited and ready for the hike, while her travel partners slept in, as soon as they woke up, after they had breakfast they began the hike.

Carlson said, “We had yogurt for breakfast, or something, then we hiked down the canyon, and it was so much fun!” She continues with, “It was amazing to me that going downhill hurts, because you’re going downhill! So you have to stop yourself from falling, so it really hurts.”

They had lunch in the shade at the bottom, where a stream was, before they packed it up and began the tiring hike back up the canyon.

“So we made it to the top, and we were so tired, and we had to pay like a quarter for a four/three minute shower, something like that, and I’m like, ‘Well that’s not long enough, but it’s better than nothing.’ because I had never felt so dry in my life, I felt like my skin would fall to dust, so the three minutes last forever.” Carlson says. 

They didn’t have plans to stay that night so they began the slightly dangerous drive home that night to be back home in the morning for work. Carlson says, “I had to pull over and sleep on the side of the road and take naps that way. I made it back in time to go to work in the morning.”

All in all it was a very fun trip that she enjoyed a lot!